For those of you who follow cannabis closely or work in the industry, I’m sure you were either at or heard about the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Las Vegas this past week, Nov. 15 through Nov. 18. The event ended up attracting over 10,000 attendees, and by all accounts was a huge success.

The growth of the expo has been tremendous, to say the least. When the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo began in 2012, it started the day after Colorado and Washington voted to legalize marijuana, and had about 250 people in attendance. Fast-forward to this past week where the conference hosted more than 10,000 people at The Rio in Vegas; that’s awesome!

If you weren’t able to make it to Vegas for the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo, don’t fret - PDX Weed Week presented by TJs Gardens has you covered with five incredible days of cannabis activities and events aimed at bringing the cannabis community together to share information, insights, and ideas through education, experience, and entertainment. 

The PDX Weed Week lecture series features 30-plus sessions covering four separate tracks - health & wellness, business & tech, growing & breeding, and a hobbiest track. Thought leaders and experts are flying in from all around the country (Massachusetts, Colorado, Arizona, Alaska, New Mexico, Washington, California) to lead talks on a variety of topics. The PDX Weed Week talks take place Thursday, Dec. 1 and Friday, Dec. 2 at the Leftbank Annex, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Some of the talks are held off-site, such as “Cannabis Beer & Cocktails,” and “What the cannabis industry can learn from the wine industry,” which will be at a local restaurant and winery, respectively. For more details, download the Weed Week app in the App Store or Google Play and click on each event to see where it is being hosted.

PDX Weed Week presented by TJs Gardens also offers a bevy of social activities for attendees. One of the more popular events of PDX Weed Week is the Taste of Terps Festival, a social event where attendees can sample various cannabis products familiar to the local market. Terpenes are the organic compounds that give cannabis it’s unique smells and tastes. The Taste of Terps Festival is a great learning experience to develop your cannabis palate and learn about the various terpenes present in cannabis.

Another highlight of PDX Weed Week presented by TJs Garden is the closing ceremonies, which features an exhibitor’s fair and Cannabis Classic awards show. New the exhibitor’s fair this year: PitchFest, a start-up event where people with a cannabis business idea will pitch the ladies from The Marijuana Show to earn a chance for $50,000 from Ackrell Capital. It works like this: the top four finishers of PitchFest will automatically earn a chance to pitch their idea to Ackrell Capital, who, if interested, will invest admit the business into their accelerator called CannaVator. 

The PDX Weed Week exhibitor’s fair, also hosted at Leftbank Annex, will feature some of the leading businesses and brands in the cannabis industry, including businesses from various industry sectors such as: dispensaries and rec retailers, wholesale growers, infused product makers, testing labs, and ancillary products. 

The final event at PDX Weed Week is the 2nd annual Cannabis Classic awards show, hosted by “Radical” Russ Belville. This year the Cannabis Classic will award trophies for nine different categories - Top Newcomer, Highest THC, Highest CBD, Best Edible, Best Concentrate, Best Hybrid, Best Indica, Best Sativa, and Best in Show. Also new to this year’s Cannabis Classic is cash prizes. The top four finishers in the Best in Show category will be paid-out.

To get a full list of events and activities taking place during PDX Weed Week, please download the app in the Apple App Store or in the Google Play Store. Just type in Weed Week and it will pop-up. The app is free. It has the entire week’s schedule, and allows you to build your own unique schedule. If you don’t have access to the app stores, you can visit and review the entire schedule there. All-access passes are only $99, and that gets you access to every event during PDX Weed Week. Don’t wait. Get your tickets today at