If you are anything like me, you don’t just like technology, you love technology. From the Internet to smart phones and video games to apps, technology has made life easier and improved our experiences at every step of the way. 

Another passion of mine, like many of you, is cannabis: from breeding and strain variety to product innovation and education, I get a thrill out of discovering the new “new” thing. That’s why I can’t wait for the cannabis tech talks at PDX Weed Week. 

The cannabis industry as it is today won’t be recognizable in 5 to 10-years, and technology will be at the core of that change and progress. I like to look to the wine industry as an example of how technology can improve the cannabis industry in the future. The wine industry is using technology to improve life for consumers and businesses that impact how we choose, share, purchase, and manage wine. 

Same thing for the craft beer industry; technology is improving everything from harvesting hops to the brewing process. From the consumers standpoint, apps are changing the way craft beer consumers learn about and experience the wide variety of artisan beers available in the market.

As far as technology’s impact on the cannabis industry, we are only beginning. We are still in the first inning. Over the next decade we are going to see cannabis technology that is going to blow our collective minds. 

To get a sense of the technology powering the cannabis industry, how cannabis entrepreneurs are using tech, and the future of cannabis technology, join us at the PDX Weed Week lecture series on Thursday, Dec. 1 and Friday, Dec. 2. All-access passes for PDX Weed Week are only $99, and can be registered for at pdxweedweek.com