Wow! Portland Weed Week is behind us. I hope you were there, met some interesting people, enjoyed yourself & learned something new. Thanks again to all of our sponsors and volunteers that made it all possible - we couldn’t have done it without your efforts and support.

Personally, I thought the inaugural PDX Weed Week was overall a success and am proud of what a small team was able to put together. 

In the spirit of transparency, I wanted to share some takeaways, thoughts, and requests with the cannabis community. The organizers had a recap meeting a week after the event. They are currently creating a survey to get your feedback (we want to hear a lot of comments, please).


  • Attendance. ~ 250-300 attendees purchased the week long pass; and over 1,000 people visited the FREE exhibitor’s fair at the end of Weed Week. Almost all of the events were full.
  • Quality. The caliber of talks and events at Weed Week was on-par with any event in the cannabis industry. There were more than 30 different lectures led by some of the leading researchers, thought leaders, and doers in the cannabis industry. 
  • Demographics. Really impressed with the m/f balance of attendees and panelists.

Needs Improvement

  • PR. Attention in local press about the event. Need to be better at getting the word out to attendees and press.
  • Better organization / information for events ahead of time
  • Some events will be cut/changed as the response was only mediocre

Future thoughts

  • The Cannabis Classic judging experience is too intense. Split the entries up so the judges have enough time to complete the process.
  • Moving the date so we have more people in town
  • Categorize talks for beginner, intermediate, and advance to align attendees interests better
  • more small interaction activities (more events like the cannabis and hops talk and tasting or the cannabis crawl)
  • Career-fair type event for new cannabis businesses to recruit talent & interns (possibly open-air)

Finally, we need your help! If you came to an event and want to help out (either during the year on some of our other Weed Week events of for next PDX Weed Week - please let us know. Email me ( and we’ll find a spot for you.