The Cannabis Classic Harvest Cup, one of the cannabis industry’s most prestigious competitions, wrapped up yesterday, and TJ’s Gardens took home three of the trophies awarded, including Best in Show with their hybrid entry #19, TJ’s Platinum Cookies.

The annual cannabis awards ceremony was an event of Weed Week this year, and was the culmination of five days of industry activities, events, and festivals. Trophies are awarded for 9 different categories - highest THC and CBD, top newcomer, best edible, best concentrate, best hybrid, best indica, best sativa, and best-in-show. More than 20 competitors from across Oregon entered 58 samples into the competition. 

TJ’s Gardens won Best-in-Show and Best Hybrid for entry #19, their TJ’s Platinum Cookies with 1146 overall points; and Best Concentrate with entry #C1, TJ’s Grapefruit Live Resin, in collaboration with Craft Extract. 

Entry #36, Durban Poison by sofresh farms, won Best Sativa, and finished second in Best-in-Show with 1120 overall points. sofresh farms won the Top Newcomer award with entry #36, Durban Poison, as well.

The award for Best Indica went to Mindful Canna for entry #33, Cashmere Kush. Cashmere Kush also took third in Best-in-Show with 1116 points overall. Mindful Canna also took home the Highest CBD award with their Critical Cure, entry #28. Tested by Iron Labs in Eugene, OR, this award-winning strain was tested at 16.2% CBD.

The Highest THC award was won by entry #11, Blackberry Cream Flower by Glass House Grown, with a total of 29.4% THC; while Lumi Treats won Best Edible with their ice cream.


  • #19 (hybrid) - TJ’s Platinum Cookies, TJ’s Gardens (1146 points)
  • #36 (sativa) - Durban Poison, sofresh farms (1120 points)
  • #33 (indica) - Cashmere Kush, Mindful Canna (1116 points)

Best Sativa

  • #36 - Durban Poison, sofresh farms (1120 points)
  • #43 - TJ’s Grapefruit, TJ’s Gardens (1104 points)
  • #35 - Durban Poison, High Winds Farms (1070 points)

Best Indica

  • #33 - Cashmere Kush, Mindful Canna (1116 points)
  • #45 - Blue Cheese, High Winds Farms (1035 points)
  • #34 - TJ’s MK Ultra, TJ’s Gardens (1034 points)

Best Hydrid

  • #19 - TJ’s Platinum Cookies, TJ’s Gardens (1146 points)
  • #22 - Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, High Winds Farms (1095 points)
  • #21 - Blackberry Cream, Gadsden Gardens, Inc. (1042 points)

Best Concentrate

  • #C1 - TJ’s Grapefruit Live Resin, Craft Extract with TJ’s Gardens (1123 points)
  • #C6 - King Kush, Original Extracts PDX (997 points)
  • #C3 - Tree of Life Bubble Hash, Cannabeizein (994 points)

Best Edible

  • #E7 - Lumi Ice Cream, Lumi Treats (1160 points)
  • #E6 - Cannavore Orange Lime Hard Candy, Cannavore (1039 points)
  • #E2 - Candied Orange, Canna-Daddy’s (1026 points) 

For the full results, click here.