It’s a wrap! Inaugural PDX Weed Week ends on a high note

Portland’s first Weed Week wrapped yesterday, with the Cannabis Classic exhibitor’s fair and awards show; and Weed Week attendees, panelists, and participants are praising the new five-day showcase as an effective platform to share information, insights, and ideas in a quickly growing market.

Looking back on PDX Weed Week, it’s hard to put into words how meaningful and productive the experiences were. Without a doubt, it was one of the most important and exciting weeks in my cannabis career to date. 

The Events

Weed Week is an amazing experience, and a lot of the excitement comes from the events. More than 40 talks and events were held over five days of the inaugural event. While there were quite a few smoke sessions at the Jupiter Hotel, there were some stand-out events that deserve mention.

Cannabis Crawl - few things are cooler than being chaffered around town to purchase discounted cannabis, which is why Weedmaps sponsored this years cannabis crawl. 

The VIP dining experience - I wrapped up the first night of Weed Week at the VIP dining experience. The food was incredibly delicious, and was prepared by Cannabis Classic award-winning chef Michelle delaPena. 

Lecture Series - The workshops and talks, which began Thursday and lasted through Friday, was one of my favorite parts of Weed Week. I learned so much about the business of cannabis; and experienced some really good growing and breeding panel discussions. There were multiple talks going on at once, so it was real easy to get up and listen in on a few different topics. The lectures were amazing.

Beer Tasting - East Burn restaurant hosted a talk about the similarities between cannabis and hops, led by Elan and Phil of Coalition Brewing. Amongst other thins, we learned that cannabis and hops are related, and that the Northwest is the hops capital of the world, and arguably, the cannabis capital of the world too. After the talk we sampled a hemp-based CBD-infused beer that Coalition launched that day. What a fun way to close out the lecture series.

Launch Party - Wow, what an event. Right when I walked in the door I was offered a shot of “Santa’s Little Helper,” given drink tickets, and later served food. There was karaoke, drinking, and fun conversations. I actually walked there from the beer and hops talk, it was that close. It was the perfect way to close out day three at Weed Week.

Taste of Terps Festival - I’d never been to a cannabis tasting event before I came to the Taste of Terps Festival at Weed Week. The herb, concentrates, and edibles were flowing like nothing I had ever seen before. This was possibly my favorite event of Weed Week.

Exhibitor’s Fair - Another one of my favorite events because it involved sampling more products and a way to checkout more than 30 businesses all-in-one place. There was a food truck serving savory BBQ. The live band killed it in TJ’s Outdoor Garden, where I took a few bong rips. It was an amazing celebration of what Portland cannabis is all about.

Cannabis Classic Awards Show - The exhibitor’s fair transitioned into the Cannabis Classic awards show, which was the final event of Weed Week; and where winners for the Cannabis Classic competition were announced and recognized (click here for results). The awards show was a fitting way to wrap-up what was an amazing Weed Week in Portland.

While I wasn’t able to make all of the events, the ones I did attend were a lot of fun. I think next year’s Portland Weed Week is only going to get better, as more people hear about the event and get involved. But overall, PDX Weed Week was very well planned and organized, which made for a ton of learning opportunities and fun.