The annual Cannabis Classic competition is where Alaska’s top breeders and growers show off some of the most exotic strains and products in the state. Winning this competition can ad tremendous value to the strain and grower, but to these folks – it’s less about the money and more about the bragging rights.

As an avid grower yourself, you’ve probably been thinking about entering the Cannabis Classic. But you don’t just want to enter to say you entered. You want to enter to win this thing! If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place because this post is going to outline some best practices when it comes to winning the Cannabis Classic.

You’ve heard the competition is going to be fierce. There could be as many as 100 entries vying for the top spot. So keep reading to find out what you need to do to set yourself up for success in this year’s Cannabis Classic cannabis competition.

How do I enter? Competitors can enter the competition here by filling out the form and entering the requisite information.

What methodology are judges using to rate each sample? Each sample is graded on a 100-point system. There are four components to a judges score: appearance, aroma, flavor, and effect. The scoring method is weighted, meaning appearance and aroma are worth more points than taste and effect. Appearance and aroma are worth 30-points each, while taste and effect are worth 20-points each.

What’s the most important factor for the judges? In terms of scoring, the system is slightly weighted towards how a bud looks and how it smells. When rating the appearance, judges are asked to look at how well the bud has been cured and trimmed, as well as the bud’s trichome coverage. So, buds that look awesome and pack a powerful, pungent aroma tend to do very well in cannabis competitions like the Cannabis Classic.

What strains should I enter? Your best ones. Good, quality genetics always do well in cannabis competitions. One tactic to consider is entering multiple strains in multiple categories. The Cannabis Classic allows competitors to enter four (4) strains per category – hybrid, sativa, indica, CBD. By entering multiple strains in multiple categories you are putting yourself in the best position to succeed.

What category do I have the best change at winning? The sativa division generally gets the fewest entries. A sativa or indica must be at-least 70% dominant to qualify for its division, otherwise it’s considered a hybrid in the Cannabis Classic’s cannabis competition.

How do I win? Winners are determined by the judges. Judges evaluate each sample over a period of three-weeks. Their scorecards are collected. The scores are aggregated. And the winners are the entries that have the highest scores. Each division winner will receive a trophy, while the second and third place finishers receive medals.

For the highest THC and CBD categories, those results will be determined by our lab testing partner CannTest.

What other tactics or strategies should I know about? Judges are absolutely swayed by appearances. So, competitors who submit solid, big one-gram buds generally do well. The required sample size is one-gram. However, some competitors will submit large buds that have weighed as much as 1.5g.

Buds that have been trimmed nicely do well, too. Some competitors like to keep the fluffy sugar leaves on the bud because they have so many trichomes. If that’s the case, just make sure they are covered in trichomes. Otherwise, judges are very critical of sugar leaves left on the bud.

That’s it. That’s our unconventional guide to winning a cannabis competition, specifically the Cannabis Classic. For more information about the Cannabis Classic, how to enter, vend, or sponsor, please email Kendra at